The New Guest Experience

Service Recovery

Instantly recover service before it becomes a negative review on TripAdvisor.

Guest Recognition

Reward VIPs and celebrate special occasions at the touch of a button.

Refine wine by the glass

Offer guests a perfectly preserved and chilled glass of red or white wine, on-demand.

Capture Plum Moments


After a hectic day of meetings or travel business guests want gratification without the wait.

Celebrate Sunsets

Leisure guests want to seize the moment and enjoy it from their room.

Evenings Out

Guests want to start their evening in the guest room.


Guests want "in-room service" without interruption.

Increase Revenue

Take your F&B business to the next level

Enhance Profit

Enhance Profit

Plum is a profit center in as few as 3 glasses.

Improve Guest Engagement

Improve Guest Engagement

80% of luxury hotel guests drink wine regularly.

Upsell Groups

Upsell Groups

Offer a welcome glass of wine to wedding guests and corporate groups.

Reduce Expenses

Wine Meets Guest Room Automation

Virtualize an Amenity

Virtualize an Amenity

Significantly reduce labor costs by virtually sending a glass or bottle of wine to the guest room.

Increase Direct Bookings

Increase Direct Bookings

Incentivize guests to book direct by including glasses of wine in their room package.

Cloud Based Management

Cloud Based Management

Automatically track consumption, bill guest folio, and notify housekeeping when bottles need replacing.


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